Taranto, Italy: Scuola Secondaria de I grado “C.Colombo”

Our Secondary School “ C.Colombo” is not far from the town centre, and there are over 730 students aged 10 – 14.

Our town Taranto is situated in the south of Italy, by the sea and there are beautiful beaches along its coast. It is called “the city of the two seas” and the old town is a small island connected to the new one by the Swinging Bridge.

Our school is very large, housing a big school hall, three computer rooms, a linguistic lab, a science lab, a music room and two gymnasiums where the students can practice volleyball, basketball, football and badminton as well as team sports.

All students study English and Spanish or French as a second foreign language, but they rarely meet foreign people, so we need international projects to give them the possibility to compare themselves with other people. Discovering other cultures, other ways of thinking and other lifestyles is our goal. We all love Erasmus+ projects, it is a good way to open our school to the world. The whole school staff and students take part, in a way or in another, in the European adventure! We have always involved the whole school in our work. We would like everybody to open up their minds and become real European citizens.