What is an entrepreneur?

During the second year of the project 2018 - 2019 our students started to think about becoming entrepreneurs in the future, although they already had an idea of what an entrepreneur is from the activities realized during the previous year they needed a more intensive training so we carried out different activities.

Meeting with experts in Leiria (Portugal)

During our meeting in Portugal we attended a lecture about entrepreneuring at the University of Leiria, at the end of the text our students played kahoot to show what they had learnt. Later they met an entrepreneur who made notebooks and other accesorizes using only leaves, little branches or pieces of plants and recycled paper and he showed how to do it in a workshop with students. Finally students met to draw a poster about what an entrepreneur is and which are his/ her main characteristics.

Meeting with experts in M.Auxiliadora school (Algemesí, Spain)

For this project we have counted on the help of some experts from our town, especially with the help of Mireia Durà from OTEA (Oficina Técnica Económica d'Algemesí), a department of the townhall of Algemesí which assesses entrepreneurs. Mireia Durà prepared some sessions for our students in M.Auxiliadora and helped them to start inventing an enterprise for our final activity in which they had to work with foreign mates and present a sustainable company, you can learn more about this in the following link: Visit to Spain: closing of the project

Some entrepreneurs of the city visited us and shared their experience with us.

After some cascade training with the help of the students who had visited Portugal all students back at school prepared a poster about what an entrepreneur is.