Nysa, Polonia: Szkola Podstawowa nr 5

Building on the former streets of Bruederstraße and Edgar Muellestraße after 1945 Bracka and Paderewski Street was the sixth object dedicated in Nysa to the needs of Polish primary education, after the Second World War.

Earlier in this building, founded in 1870, was a gymnasium (Städtisches Realgymnasium). It was the first school in Silesia with a mathematical and natural profile, with very rich traditions, the list of graduates from 1930 under No. 563 is listed as: Konrad Bloch. This American biochemist, born in Nysa, received the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1964 for research into the essence of cholesterol, which has enabled effective prevention of the most acute and severe disease of the present-day arteriosclerosis, which is the cause of modern human populations suffering from heart attacks. Bernhard Grzimek, a prominent zoologist and defender of African fauna, co-creator of the famous Serengeti Park, was also a graduate of this school.

Nowadays Primary School No 5 is situated in two buildings, everything because of changes in Polish System of Education, started on 1 September 2017. We use formative assessment as a valuable and challenging tool for education.

We emphasize well-rounded comprehensive education.

We enchance our students’ interests and passion.

We take part in external programs and fulfill new ambitious ideas.